General terms and conditions of delivery

1. Commitment period
Our quotes are binding for 6 months from the date of issue. Unforeseen price changes in the
half-finished product sector mean we have the right to issue a new quote with short-term

2. Scope of delivery
The quote is decisive with regard to scope and implementation of the delivery. Services which
are not included in this will be billed separately.
As leeway for the quality control we reserve the right to deliver 2% more or less than the
ordered quantity.

3. Delivery period
The delivery period starts with receipt of the order, or once all documents necessary for
completion of the task are complete. The delivery period ends when the delivery is ready for
shipping in the factory.

4. Price change reservation
The customer will be informed immediately of altered numbers of parts or unforeseen price
changes in the half-finished products sector which demand a price change.

5. Packaging
Parts will be clearly labelled and packed appropriately according to the product, in order to
avoid any effect on quality during transportation.

6. Notification of defects, guarantee
Should the delivered Metaflon products, for any reason, give the orderer grounds for valid
complaints for any reason, then the orderer has the right to demand either a free replacement
for the defective goods or reimbursement of the sum billed by us for the relevant parts.
All other claims, especially compensation claims, are excluded. Also excluded from the guarantee
are material and subsequent damage to products, which are provided by customers or third
party companies, and not by Metaflon AG. Visible and measurable damages are to be declared
within 20 days of the shipment delivery date or partial delivery and/or immediately after receipt
in the case of regular deliveries. Defects which are not readily identifiable must be declared
immediately after their discovery, and at the latest 1 year after the delivery date.

7. Payment conditions
All bills are to be paid in Swiss francs, except in the case of other specific arrangements.
The place of payment is Gächlingen. Postage and packaging are payable by the customer.
Our prices are net prices to be paid within 30 days.

8. General terms and conditions of delivery
The above terms and conditions are binding if they are mentioned in the documents between
the customer and METAFLON AG.

9. Place of jurisdiction
Schaffhausen is the place of jurisdiction for all disputes between us and the orderer.

Date: Jan. 2009 Initials: BL

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